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Its the same every year and never seems to change much.

Early spring the questions are
1. Did my bees make it
2. Did they have enough stores
3. How soon can I open the hive and should I
4. when will the flow start
and many more of that type

Spring(green up)
1. Will it be warm enough to do an inspection this week
2. Should I start feeding
3.Whats better deeps or mediums for the brood chamber and which
should I use
4. which foundation should I use
5. Reverse or checker board
6. To split or not to split
7. How many hives should I put in that spot down the road
8. Will I need more honey supers
9. How much honey will I get

Early summer
1. How long wll my flow last
2. How much honey wll I get
3. When should I harvest
4. How should I bottle my honey this year
5. How should sell my honey this year

Mid to Late summer

1. Will there be a late flow
2. When to start feeding
3. Is it to late to make some nucs or splits
4. What if we get an early winter

Fall to Early winter

1. Are the hives ready for winter
2. Do I need to start feeding
3. Will they be ok this winter
4. What if I lose some
5. How long until spring

Late winter to Early spring

1. How are my bees doing
2. Will they make it to spring
3. Should I build it myself or just order it
4. When will spring get here
5. when will spring get here
6. When will spring get here

Hasn't changed in 5 years and then I come here and see that I'm not the only one. Jim

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Jim you got it down to the note. Guess if we didnt care for the girls we wouldnt be doing it:thumbsup:

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Forget the questions, let's hear the answers. :lol:

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you do make a good point that the occupation of bee keeping is very seasonal and that the task(s), problems and decisions made change from season to season. some time I feel like I get to a certain point in the year and suddenly change hat to take on my other job (all related to bee keeping no matter what hat I am wearing).
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