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It's all Iddee's fault

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Iddee said instead of sleeping 3 or 4 hours a night I should be signing up for more bee forums... so here I am. Instead of reading about inept politicians in Washington or our dismal economy, I'll spend more time on bees. Good plan, eh?

I've been keeping bees about 5 years & have 4 backyard hives. I live in log cabin in the woods in one of the least populated counties of the state. I'm active in the Indiana State Beekeepers, and am co-founder of a local beekeeping club.

Nice to see so many familiar names here.
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:lol: Welcome, and glad to see you here. No, we haven't seen the mean, political posts here that I have seen, >>>>>>and participated in<<<<<, on the other forums. I come here to a great bunch of folks to relax and enjoy. I hope you will be as pleased and stay around.
Sounds like my type of forum. Nothing political, nothing mean....just good stories from iddee!
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