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I am in the process of a total restoration using permaculture design on a portion of 10acres of previously agricultural land in Avra Valley, Arizona. Mesquite and Whitethorn Acacia dominate as over story. Creosote, wolfberry, various cholla dominate as understory.

I am interested in using top bar hives, and have four of them built. I currently do not have any active hives on the property, but I am looking for a source to populate 2 hives the coming new year.

My background is in civil engineering, sustainable development, permaculture design, and music. I have most recently been dedicating my time as one of the executive directors of Sonoran Kitchen Gardens ( which promotes regional food security in the Sonoran desert bioregion through facilitation of educational projects and developing beneficial alliances with other organizations. I also do permaculture design consultation for schools and property owners seeking guidance with community gardens, or general retrofit to increase local food abundance and energy efficiency and waterharvesting.

Unfortunately, there is little that I have found so far in the way of reliable, accessible bee keepers here in my area.
1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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