Just Cuz I Can...!

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by riverbee, Jul 13, 2012.

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    just because i can , “break the rulesâ€â€¦..
    i like to laugh and have fun, and enjoy my life. if we don’t do it now, then when?
    post some things you do you couldn’t get away with as a kid, or something you taught your kids not to do but you do, or something that plain drives your spouse crazy, or something out of the ordinary routine!

    here’s what i did today:

    1. worked the bees ‘semi-commando’ in a bee suit (some ‘foundation’ on, another thread totally funny) good thing none of the girls got in, and oh well if they would have:lol:

    2. drove around in the jeep wrangler with the top down, air-conditioning blowing full tilt,:eek: a big plush stuffed bee strapped to the roll bar, wearing kids cheap pink barbie sunglasses and this hat: (my hair color, with this hat on , looks like my hair went a little astray):


    the big stuffed bee was pretty funny on the roll bar, but the hat and barbie sunglasses got some looks too:lol:

    like to hear from everyone else :grin:
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    Reminds me of the time I saw my uncle I hadn't seen for a few years. He was wearing a ball cap with a long grey braided pony tail and I thought "Wow, is he cool". Then he took off the ball cap and I realized it was attached to the ball cap! :shock: :lol: