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It was a very needed and relaxing trip :) Vacations are funny though, I was just getting caught up with work and now I'm behind again. Well worth it though. Here's a few snapshots we picked up along the way:

Day 1 - Grand Tetons and Southeast corner of the park. Mainly beautiful mountain views and lots of hot spots:

Click on any picture to see it bigger

We just arrived in the park, that's my son Josh :)

Big bubbling mud pot

A beautiful waterfall

More hot stuff

Hot stuff

Prettier hot stuff :)

Day 2 - Southwest Corner of the park. We saw Old Faithful and lots of hot springs. Then drove around looking at mountain views.

This one decided to follow us along the highway for abit :)

Found this along a stream hidden by some trees

This little guy was wandering around looking for something to eat

Made it to Old Faithful

Hot stuff

These buffalo were doing lots of head butting, better watch themselves around those pools. Most were upwards of 167+ degree

Found this on a little side road

Day 3 - This was spot wildlife day in the northeast corner of the park. We did well too, saw a huge grizzly and her offspring about 400 yards away with an optical, sat in the middle of the road while a heard of buffalo went around us. Countless Elk, Antelope, beaver etc... but the highlight of the day was seeing a brown bear catch and take a baby elk into a tree as a meal from maybe 50 yards away. It was truly nature at it's wildest and we got front row seats.

Smoldering Mountain

The hungry brown bear...

Baby Buffalo

Beautiful Valley

More Hotsprings

Hope you enjoy the pictures ;-)


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a beautiful and very unusual place. highly recommended for almost anyone (before or after the 'Turon' season is highly recommended). every places looks like it was ready made for a post card picture.

my wife did a couple of summer seasons in Yellowstone during the wolf reintroduction process.

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Great photos Charles.
Gotta add that to the bucket list! ;)

P.S. - almost didn't recognize you without the cigar in your mouth! :lol:

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Great pics, looks like you had a fun time with the family :thumbsup:

have to add that to the list also!!

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Thanks for sharing those photos. Yellowstone is a beautiful place. Your son will never forget this vacation.
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