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KarenBaby from Wisconsin

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I'm just learning about beekeeping and going to take it up soon. I'm located in east central Wisconsin. I"m married and have three children. We live on a 25 acre farm. We raise boer goats, a couple steers and pigs, miniature dachshunds and have quarter horses.
Looking forward to gleeing some knowledge from all you vetran beekeepers! :D
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Welcome to the forum. How far are you from Hilbert, Wi?
There is a beekeeper there that is quite familiar with honey use for ADD children.
I'm thinking Hilbert is over by Green Bay - unless I'm having a brain fart - can't find my atlas. Anyway, Green Bay is about 50 minutes east of Manawa. Can you hook us up so I can ask some questions? I'd really appreciate it. ;)
It is just south of Green Bay, east of Appleton.
I sent you a PM.
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