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I set up an empty hive, smoker, hive tool, bee jacket and honeybear of honey, along with honey straws at the children's museum in Greensboro yesterday. It was a blast. The kids were full of questions, ""as well as the adults.""

If you haven't put on a show or booth for kids, you're missing out on half the fun of beekeeping.
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Hey that sounds great bee catcher, gotta get that next generation of beekeepers ready ;)
That's a capital idea !!! Three out of four of my grandkids are walking age, and they follow me all around the hives. The good thing is that they do not press in on me when I am doing business with the hive. They come only as close as I've told them.
Yup!...I'm gonna keep that one in mind. A tip of my hat to the good thinker.
I got an observation hive to show kids. Im doing 4H with my 3 girls and will be at our local county fair this year with my bees. Should be a blast! :)
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