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My TBH has been doing great and everyone said that they would not always build comb the way they should. Well. I opened it up this morning to check and they really surprised me.
I had a beetle trap on the bottom of the screen and they decided to build a pyramid off of it and tie it into the comb on the bar. They did a GOOD job. Took me about thirty minutes to get it all cut apart and back they way it should be.
I removed the beetle trap as I have killed more with my fingers and hive tool than it had in it. Maybe they will not build it off of the screen and will continue to build off of the bars. They had already started on two more bars with comb, doesn't make sense why they would have done the pyramid thing.
I'm beginning to learn that what they do at times, dose not make sense to me, maybe it does to them.
I kept two small pieces of comb honey that was attached to the beetle trap, told them that was my pay for their mess-up. We'll see if that straightens them out. :roll:
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