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Knock, knock. May I join you for coffee?

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Just a quick introduction. I'm not a beekeeper, but I have been known to hang around one and donate a little bit of free labor towards the hobby.

I've been lurking and reading (a lot!), so I'm beginning to have a new appreciation for those little girls and the huge job they do. Maybe someday, I'll get the courage to suit up and see what type of homemakers they are, but for now, I'll just admire them from a distance and appreciate those of you who keep them.
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Ladyleo191 said:
I should be able to live vicariously through another's hives, though. ;)
Online is only Step 1 of vicarious living. Join a local beekeeping club and start meeting beekeepers live and in-person! You'll probably get the chance to actually get into some colonies, up close and personal with actual bees...

Resistance is futile. :)
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