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Here are some of the changes from the last upgrade:

1. The forum software was upgraded from 3.0.4 to 3.0.6 (many bug fixes)
2. Subsilver2 and Glacier were both updated with numerous bug fixes
3. Topic Icons are turned on, when creating a new post you can personalize it with an icon now (I used one for this post)
4. Graphic sizes were reduced on both themes, everything will load much faster.
5. pictures that are uploaded will automatically have a thumbnail created at 350 pixels. The thumbnail will be clickable and displayed in a nice frame. Here's an example:


This can't be done with eternal images from photobucket, Image shack, etc. Only images added as an attachment.

Now that I have the board updated I have a few more additions that will be coming very soon :)

I'll post here when I get them finished...



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