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Links to personal websites.

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Personal sites only, Please. No commercial sites or community type sites.
If you feel there is a need for a commercial site listing, we will start one under General Beekeeping. This one is for newbees looking for information and problem solving.
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I am starting a blog on my beekeeping adventure. It can be found here:

I am going to chronicle my first year as an urban beekeeper. I already have pics and several posts.

Feel free to drop by, please take the poll at the top, I am looking for names to name my hives and have settled on that list. Let me know what I should name them.
Hey mark, this is Jared :wave: . I am glad you found the page. As I told you on the phone, this is a pretty good site and I think you will enjoy it.
1 - 2 of 33 Posts
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