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Links to personal websites.

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Personal sites only, Please. No commercial sites or community type sites.
If you feel there is a need for a commercial site listing, we will start one under General Beekeeping. This one is for newbees looking for information and problem solving.
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I am in my second year of beekeeping and I've been blogging since I began. It has lots of pictures and the details of my experiences including the ups and downs of beekeeping in the Piedmont Triad area. Come visit and comment!
Iddee said:
Welcome, Mark. Do you belong to the Guilford or Rockingham county clubs?
Hola, Iddee! Glad to be here. You know me on Bee Source as NC-Bee-Dude and its been awhile since we've talked, gosh, months I think. Hope you're well!

Nope, I didn't join Rockingham's club. I did go to one meeting but they hold them at the same time I'm working so it is hard for me to go. Right now I'm just in the state organization.

How goes it with you?
chrissv said:
I am a first year beekeeper in Central MA
-- Steven
OOOPS! Sorry, Steven! I meant to include you in my list. Didn't mean to forget you. :oops:

wfuavenger said:
Hey mark, this is Jared :wave: . I am glad you found the page. As I told you on the phone, this is a pretty good site and I think you will enjoy it.
Exactly right, Jared! I'm enjoying it a lot. Thanks for the heads up! :p
1 - 4 of 33 Posts
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