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Bees Descend on Barclays Center’s Roof
"For a few days last month, the green space was a four-star destination for hundreds, maybe thousands, of bees that suddenly showed up to forage on the sedum... Brooklyn bees do not get into Manhattan much..." York&pgtype=articleBrooklyn

Bees on the Brain
On view for the first time since its recent acquisition, French artist Pierre Huyghe’s 2012 sculpture [Reclining female nude] incorporates a live colony of a gentle breed of bees, which serves as the head of a concrete cast of an idealized female nude. The living beehive serves as the nude’s head, but also, by extension, her brain. (It's kind of what my brain is like from February to July.) I like the video, but my favorite is a quote from the FAQ: What should I do if a bee approaches me? Stay calm, keep your mouth closed, and move away slowly.

Biker Bees

Bees Hijack Bike in Manhattan.
But I got side tracked about the NYPD's Bee Unit:
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