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Looking for some beekeepers near NC coast

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Hi all,

I'm actually from NY, but have a relative in Pantego, NC that is interested in having a hive or two on his farm. So I'm on a quest to befriend a beekeeper in his area that could sort of help him out and mentor. Iddee suggested I stop by here as there may be a few beekeepers from the area.

I've been keeping bees for over 30 years and as an engineer, I like to experiment and try doing things somewhat my own way :mrgreen: I try to share my doings on my website, but do admit I am a little lax at times. (be forewarned, my photo gallery recently died and I'm in the process of relinking all the images)

Some of you also may know me as the technical admin that keeps another bee forum site running.

This looks like a nice place, I wish you continued success, and I'm glad Iddee pointed me here.

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Glad to see you made the trip. Hope you come back often and participate. We can use people with your kind of knowledge.
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