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Looking to pool orders for Nucs to be available for pickup i

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I am getting ready to place an order for nucs with Kutiks honey in central NY, and am looking to pool together some orders from the surrounding area. They offer 4 and 5 frame nucs. I have bought from them before, and was very happy with the quality of the bees. No frame exchange, but I believe the boxes need to be returned. I would call when the bees are ready for pickup in North Salem, NY. That's about 1 hour north of NYC, and 10 minutes west of Danbury, CT.

The order is not placed yet, but I will be speaking with them over the next couple of days. Send me a PM, and I will put you on the list of interested buyers. You would pay me the deposit required by Kutiks via paypal and then the remainder at pickup. I will contact you with a pickup date in advance of the bees' arrival. They will be free to fly at my apiary for 2-3 days if you cannot get to them right away.

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