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Well we finally drove up and got our 4 Nucs of Russians this morning, :) after a month of delays, delays, and more delays !

Even today, Heavy rain storm, traffic driving 40=45 mph on I-44, on hwy. 47, Missouri River at Washington, Mo. still in banks but getting close.

Got to Foristell, sun shining, picked up Nucs , lids duct taped tight, put in trunk appears to be no leakers,with trunk lid blocked open a coupe inches we headed for home. :)

Back thru Washington, Mo. we stopped a Orscheln Farm Supply to pick up a few things, parked at front door in the Handicapped space, every thing looked fine, went inside after about 20 minutes came out and about 50 bees are buzzing the trunk and several customers trying to get in the store !!

In the famous words of Johnny Cash { A Boy Named Sue }
WHAT Could I Do ??

I nonchalatly [sp] got in the car and left, :wave: I drove to the back of the store stopped, and taped the warped lid with some tape I took from another Nuc.

1 1/2 hours later got home in a misting rain, set the Nucs on their future hive box's.

We'll see what tomorrow brings !

Not a bad day ! :drinks:


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That brings back some good memories when I use to haul hives around in an old Plymouth Fury. Two hives in the trunk and three in the back seat..................ya I'm a red neck :lol: :lol: :lol:

Good luck with the new nucs and hope you get some sunny weather tomorrow to work your new bees!! ;)
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