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Lost trust

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We have four goats and a Llama. Now the goats are pretty friendly but one may never trust me ever again.

His name is "Fred" and he is a boer male, he has been altered but does have his horns.
We got him last summer when he was about 5 months old and within about a week and a half it was obvious that he was sick and not doing well.
A trip to the vet confirmed the worst, he had a stomach parasite and it was feeding off his red bloodcells, making he very enemic. The vet did not think he would live but we wanted to try, so they gave him some shots and a friend gave us a blood booster that they use on horses and for the next two weeks fred lived in our utility room, he was a very sick animal, for most of the first week he could barely lift his head and we sat with him and hand fed him, but he got better and after two weeks was able to go outside.
He was small due to the illness but he loves to eat and before long he was running and keeping up with the rest of the animals, he was also very tame due to his time spent in the house.

Fast forward to this year, we let the animal free range on our property and on hot days they like to lay under my old '73 dodge truck. I was called into work and as usual I did a quick look under the truck then jumped in and started to back up to turn around. I only went about 12" when the front tire rode up and over something, fred screaming (did not know goats could scream) ran out from under the truck. Took a little time to track him down but he was not happy, his ear was split open and one of his horns was loose. I think the tire went over his head. Even today fred does not trust me, he healed up just fine, even his horn seems ok, but he will not let me anywhere near him. He will eat grain from my hand but if I try to pet him he takes off. I wonder if he heard my wifes comment about next time could I not run over the goat and just leave her to deal with it while I go to work. :D
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