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Making a hive top feeder

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I am trying to make a hive top feeder. I have a small bucket with a tight fitting lid. Any suggestions on how to turn this into a feeder?

I was thinking of punching small holes in the top like a jar feeder would have, turning it upside down over the brood box with an empty super over it, but don't want it leaking all over the bees. Any suggestions appreciated.
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Hi Gingerbee,

Is the bucket plastic or metal? I wouldn't recommend plastic as the holes you drill can get distorted and enlarged very easily. This could cause the syrup to drip which is really bad. If it's metal drill 4 or 5 holes 1/16 or 3/32 in the bottom (1/8" is too big) then prop it up off the frames with a couple of popsicle sticks or something about that height. Cover it with your empty super and you should be good to go.

Any one else have a different way to do it?


The bucket is plastic and it's already made. I took some suggestions from another forum before I got back here and hope they work. The suggestion was to use 4 penny nails or the nails you use to put together frames. I hope I didn't make the holes too big. What happens if the syrup drips? Will it be OK?
I just checked the hive. No drips except when the bucket is moved, doesn't look wet beneath it.
I would set it on the inner lid. If you set it on the frames this time of year, they will go to the top of the empty super and start hanging comb. You will have a mess.
Thanks Wally. The inner lid then becomes the top?

*Just went out, put the inner lid on, the feeder, the supers on top of that and then the top.
Right! Don't ever give bees access to open space during wax making season.

Iddee said:
Right! Don't ever give bees access to open space during wax making season.

this is what I got from too much space :D
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I think the bees are happier on their own comb.
Did they not go for it?
They certainly are clustered on that side of the hive.

Does anyone here use top bar hives?
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