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why spend 15 dollars if you don't have to right?

That's how I felt about a smoker holder. A good idea, but I have enough scrap laying around that making one shouldn't be a problem.

I started with some sheet steel. I kind of eyeballed the measurement. It ended up being about 6.5 inches wide.
Gas Automotive exterior Wood Machine Bumper

Then I bent two corners to make a shelf for the smoker's bellows. I also drilled two holes on each side about an inch from the top and just wider than the bellows. One hole if for the wire keeper and the other is to mount the unit when it's finished. To make the bends I used a 2' bending brake.

Blue Road surface Wood Asphalt Line

the last bit is the bracket that keeps the smoker in place. I had some welding wire and it seems sturdy enough for the task. Again, no real measurements were made. I made a bend, held it up to the assembly, made another bend, etc. Initially I was going to cut a couple of strips of steel and make yokes for the wire but opted to keep it simple and threaded the wire through a hole and bent it over to keep it in place.

Motor vehicle Road surface Asphalt Wood Grass

And here it is in use. It took all of 15 minutes of my time and zero dollars spent. It ain't pretty, but it is functional. And much better than me leaving the smoker in the middle of the workshop floor after each use until it cooled.

Wood Gas Metal Machine Auto part


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