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Nice little cut out in the wall of a screened in porch. Swarm had moved in around fist of May. There was about 30+ pounds of honey and four deep frames of brood.
entrance in a knot hole

inside the screened in porch

first peek inside of the hive

a good look inside of the hive

a little crowd control

not bad for about 60 days of work

looking at the different stages of brood

big chunk of brood comb ready to be rubber banded in a frame.
I was just about to roast.

I tried the extra shim with the screen in it to combine the vacuumed bees with the brood frames and let me tell you, if you make one be SURE that the slit for the screen to slide out of is small enough to NOT let the bees out. They were pissy to say the least. Took about four stings in short order when they boiled out of there and only got one in the palm of my hand while doing the cut out (grabbed my knife and there was a gal on the side of it and I squished her). All went very well, left the bees there and will pick them up tomorrow night.


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Great pictures G3!
Don't know how hot it was, must have been bad, you had a sweat on!
Good job. :thumbsup:

(By the way, now I know what you look like) ;) :lol: :duel: ("????? ????")
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