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VSH Carniolans and VSH Pol-lines. Both out of VP breeder queens that all overwintered here in Ohio. Yards are flooded with Ohio overwintered colonies to saturate the area with quality drones. Our queens have done well in the South and all the way to Maine. Currently the schedule is open for the next 4 weeks. All queens are marked and laying well before they are caged and shipped.

1-4 $27
5-9 $25
10+ $23

USPS express shipping is $25 a package 1-50 queens. I will ship USPS priority for $7 but buyer assumes risk when shipping that method.

Please email to order. I'm not available during the day to answer my phone, I'm in the field working.

Dan Williams
[email protected] (preferred method of contact)
Frankfort, Ohio
1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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