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    Here are definition questions and their answers from the exam to become a doctor at the School Of Medicine

    QUESTION--------------- ANSWER

    1. Artery -----------------The study of painting

    2. Bacteria ---------------Back door to cafeteria

    3. Barium---------------- When doctors make mistakes

    4. Bowel -----------------A letter like a, e, i, o, u

    5. Caesarian Section ------A district in Rome

    6. Cauterize ---------------Make eye contact with her

    7. Coma -------------------Punctuation mark

    8. Cat scan----------------- Searching for kitty

    9. Congenital--------------- Friendly

    10. Dilate------------------- Make eye contact with her

    11. Enema -----------------Not a friend

    12. Genital -----------------Not Jewish

    13. High Colonic----------- Jewish holiday

    14. Impotent-------------- Important and well known

    15. Labor Pain -------------Not a friend Getting hurt at work

    16. Medical Staff ------------A Doctor's walking stick

    17. Morbid------------------ Make another bid

    18. Nitrate------------------ Much cheaper than day rate

    19. Out patient -------------A patient who has fainted

    20. Pap smear------------- Fatherhood test

    21. Pelvis -------------------Cousin of Elvis

    22. Post operative---------- Letter deliveryman

    23. Recovery Room ---------Place to do upholstery

    24. Rectum ------------------Damn near killed 'em

    25. Rheumatic--------------- Thinking of love

    26. Secretion----------------- Hiding something

    27. Seizure-------------------- Marc Anthony's friend

    28. Tablet---------------------- Small table

    29. Terminal Illness ------------Getting sick at the airport

    30. Tumor ----------------------More than one

    31. Urine -----------------------Opposite of you'out