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midnite bee's

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Have read much about them, how much is true remains to be seen. Understand that are extremely gentle, good overwintering traits, great spring build-up. But is they are allowed to requeen themself, the resulting brood and bee's will be quite nasty. While I would like to believe that I would be able to prevent them from requeening themself, during the course of the summer there may be more then 3 weeks between hive checks in that time they could well have raised there own queen replacing the old one. even within the first year. While nasty bee's don't scare me I do live in a RESIDENTIAL AREA, and they could cause me some problems. Anyone else know about them or if I should stick with what I have am always looking for the better behaved bee's for the neighbors to remain friendly--if you know what I mean.
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check out purvis brothers bees in georgia,they have been working on a hybrid called the "gold line",i think this would be the best bet,i plan on adding a purvis queen on a split next spring
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