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mississippi splits

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this is some type of colony increase procedure,does anyone know how to do it?
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ok,after some research i think i know what it is,sometimes called the poor man split,you take a strong colony and split the brood and honey into 2 hive bodies,you need one queen to start the queenless one,done in mid april and fed pollen patties and sugar syrup with a board feeder,this will have them ready for the nectar flow,now i know bee catcher will know if this is correct.let me know :?:
As far as I know, that is just an equal split.

A walk-away split is where you don't buy a queen. You do the same steps, except you just make sure both boxes have eggs. You don't have to find the queen. One box has her and the queenless one will raise a queen from the eggs you left. I haven't heard the phrase Ms. split or poor man split.

Another way is to take the queen and all the OPEN brood, again leaving eggs, and move them to another location at the beginning of the honey flow. That leaves all the field bees, half the house bees, and the capped brood which will emerge soon. With no open brood to be fed, the young bees will begin foraging sooner. The extra foragers will give a larger honey crop. The 20 days with no brood while they raise a new queen creates a brood break which reduces the varroa. The queen will continue laying in the new box and you end with a larger honey crop and a new hive.
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this is very informative and useful info,since i have only one hive i plan to go to my bee guy in cameron and trade 5 of my new frames for brood,queen and comb,thats where i got the good bees i have leftnext year i will try this split method,the ones i bought last spring built up fast and still seem strong
the walk away split must be the poor mans split,the reason i was so interested in this is because im a poor man :lol:
i found it! in dr. larry connors book"increase essentials". in the glossary on page 125 it states "mississippi splits= term used to describe the division or splitting of a 2 story colony into 4 five frame nuclei popularized by adee honey farms at their winter location in mississippi.
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