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    Hi all,

    Let me kick of my first post with this random bit:

    The owner of the land who allows me to keep the bees there is worried that
    they might consume nectar and pollen from the poisonous Monkshood flower
    (Aconitum japonicum) which started blooming these days. He thinks that bees
    who collect nectar and pollen from that flower will somehow transfer the
    poison of the flower to their stinger and when they sting a person, that
    person might be severely injured, because the bee stinger (in his opinion)
    now contains the poison of the flower, additionally to what the regular bee
    venom already is.

    I tried to explain to him that the bee stinger and venom are developed by
    the bees in the first 16 days of their life and they do not even leave the
    hive during that time.

    But I don't think he believes me. So, what do I say to that?

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    find a reliable source for information that your neighbor agrees on and go look it up, also you could contact the USDA and ask them that question....I would think, and it could be the bees are smart enough to know what is poisonous or not..whether that flower poison would kill the bees or not and just be transferred down the line, I do not know...

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    this is the first time I've heard of this. Your local county extension office might have answers?