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What I like about Michigan is the 4 seasons.

Starting with spring the end of mud season is near, the wild flowers start blooming, birds singing and bees a buzzing. The ramps peek from under the leaf litter the trout lilies start blooming along with the blood root and trillium. Morels start poking thru the leaf litter providing some of the best eating mushrooms on earth. Then there is the smell of fresh turned earth A sign that the farmers and gardeners will soon have plants providing food. There are other great things about spring too. Like the songs of the peeper frogs all day and all night, the gobble of the tom turkey and the cluck of the hens, the drumming of the grouse. And the smell of Maple syrup being made.

Summer Oh the smell of fresh cut hay , the flickering of the lighting bugs. The honey bees going from flower to flower pollinating as they collect nectar to turn into honey. The fish making that sucking sound as they rise to suck a bug off the surface of the lake, river and/or creek. The sighting of a pair of fawns laying in a patch of hawk weed in an abandoned field. The soaring flights of barn swallows as they zoom about eating those nasty Michigan skeeters. The plums getting ripe and all those garden goodies like sweet corn on the cob and tomatoes to go with the lettuce, radishes and cukes.
The cluck cluck of a hen turkey calling to her young. The late evening howling of the coyotes making the hair on the back of your neck stand on end.

Fall the crisp air of autumn signals an end to summer heat and humidity. The fawns you have seen all summer have fading spots soon to be gone altogether. The trees and bushes torn and rubbed up by a randy buck cleaning the velvet off the antlers and signing his area. The calling of the snow geese as they fly high in the sky heading south. The squirrels gathering leaves building big leafy nest, gathering acorns and other nuts hiding them in the ground to maybe be a tree some day. The honey bees gathering from the golden rod and the smell of the honey from it and the aster tingling the nose. Then the first hard frost on a bright moon lit night with it sparkling in the sky like a billion diamonds spilled from a diamond peddlers sack.

Winter a time to rest man, beast and plant. The snow falling noisily, yes it is if you listen real well. The deer laying on the south facing hill side nearly buried under the snow snug as a bug in a rug. The squirrels scurrying about looking for those buried nuts. A time to get the cross country skis out and go for a look in the woods and fields at all the tracks of critters looking for food and shelter. You can learn a lot about a critter at this time of year. Is also a time to get out the toboggan make a phone call to all the neighbors , friends and family it is sledding party time. The roasting hot dogs the marsh mellows and hot chocolate well into the night. The squeals of joy of the young children as they go down a slippery hill.
Then there is the snowmobile rides. The group gathers in a farmers hay field snow plowed for parking of tow rigs and trailers on a Saturday morning the route chosen several months ago. Since this is the first ride of the year and nearly 50 sleds show up the group is broken into two groups , each group with a leader a boss if you please. This is a family outing and no drinking is allowed and enforced no if ands or buts.
The trail goes across the farmers field to a power line right away to a old logging road across another right away a pipe line this time to a beaver pond then more logging trails before hitting the state groomed trail. A lunch stop is made at a country restaurant then the return trip on some back country roads not plowed in the winter. more logging roads and back to the farmers hay field. A bon fire has been assembled and lit. A pig is roasting along with other foods. A ride of just over 50 miles all returning safe and sound to return home with memories and a full belly.

And that’s My Michigan. Isn't any place on earth better. Equal maybe but not better

:mrgreen: Al
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