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My first cut out, what to do with the honey mess?

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My first cut out, I was asked to remove the bees frin inside a garage wall, I cut the sheetrock and pulled the comb as carefully and in as big of pieces as I could, they had it allaround wires, tarpaper and insulation. Anyhow I ended up with 8 large pieces with brood in them and I cut and tied them into frames with string, put the frames in a 10 frame box and added two undrawn frames, shook in all the bees I could and put the lid on.

So now the question, I have a small ice chest full of comb, honey, and tarpaper and I would like the bees to put it into frames, perhaps a bit for me but mostly for them to have their stores back, Is there an easy way to do this and not give it to the ants?
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First, if there are SHB in your area, freeze it immediately. If not possible, get it into bright sunlight ASAP. Then, for the bees, just set it out in an area not accessible to the ants. Sitting in a dark container will produce thousands of SHB larva in an unbelievably short time.

For yourself, just squeeze the comb and strain the honey.
I don't think we have SHB here but I am not certain ( I am about 50 miles east of Sacramento ca.). I put the ice chest in a tub of water to keep the ants away some about 8 feet from the hive and the ice chest is in full sun and 100+ degrees as of recent. they seem very busy working on it.
they wll rob all of the honey and even take some of the wax back to the hive to help speed up comb building.

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