My first trap out

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    I did my first trap out on a tree this year (16 plus feet in the air). It started the end of May 4 days after they swarmed. I figured that I might get enough for a new hire. I got a box full of bees and then proceeded to cook them in the trap out box. I was not paying attention and I left them in the sun with no ventilation. Not very smart mostly do to my impatience. I lost 5 lbs of bees. I set a new bait box and gathered the rest of the bees. I did place a new queen with the 2 bars of bees and they drew comb and she went to work laying eggs. I completed the trap out last Friday and sealed up the tree after they robbed it out. I had a hive that was queenless so I merged the 2. I took everyone’s advice that I read from the forum and shook out the queenless bees and installed the trap out bees. Later that day I gathered the queenless bees into the bait box (they walked in on their own) and placed them close to the hive. I noticed within the hour that they were walking up the ramp and into the hive. There was no fighting and they have been coming and going like crazy. I did place a feeder in the hive and they are going through it pretty quick. I felt pretty good about everything and learned a lot. Thanks to all of you who share your experiences I've learned a lot.