My great-great-great-grandfather, Nicholas. 1767-1854.

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    In looking into my family history on my Father's side, I came across an account of my great-great-great grandfather. The following quote is from his grandson, my great grandfather's brother, I believe. "I was quite a small boy when I knew him. I first remember him when he moved from Hilltown (Pa.) to his son Enos's home. The winter before he moved, however, I remember that he brought several hives of bees to my father's place and he would sit out in the yard, watching them swarm". If anyone has ever had a passing thought about looking into their ancestry, I highly recommend doing so. I find it fascinating. I am lucky to have photo's of the earliest kind of quite a few of my ancestors, along with some oil paintings and drawings (in charcoal) which only adds to the fascination. From the same source of the above quote, I learned a few ancestors served directly under General Washington in the Revolutionary War. You never know what you might uncover. I can remember my father tracing his roots, back when there was no internet. All the research was done in libraries, church records and all government sources, as well as writing to distant relatives or possible distant relatives. I find the internet a useful tool and a good place to start or reference, but still the slower, plodding method yields the best results and certainly shouldn't be passed over. Attached drawings are my great grandmother, great grandfather and the last one I have yet to identify. My great grandfather always kept those mutton-chops, all he needed was a top hat. CIMG3395.jpg CIMG3388.jpg ....I hope she was a good cook....---> CIMG3403.jpg