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my insecticide problem/requeening

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One of my hives, it would seem (through all the research & questions I've asked) had found an insecticide tainted source about 2 weeks ago. I lost about 1000 bees, but for a week now the dieing ended, all seems well.
Upon inspection today I noticed what looks to me like 4-5 queen cells that have hatched. There are about 7 out of 9 frames in the bottom box that have a fair amount of capped brood, there is some larvae and some (not a lot) of new eggs. I kept the second brood box on the entire time of the die-off, it was 4-5 days after I added this box that the die-off started. I kept it on so not to disturb the work they started, though it wasn't a lot, but before the die-off they bottom box was completely drawn. Now, nearly 3 weeks from when I put the second brood box they have virtually done nothing in it yet. Is this because they are "rebuiliding" from the bottom up again due to the die-off?
If what I"m seeing is a re-queened hive is there something I should watching for to see if she's of quality? Could the re-queening be a result from the insecticide issue?
In the early part of the die-off I put out some sugar water for them, seems like they're not taking it though, seems like whats gone could be a result of evaporation. Left on too long can it go bad?
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Thanks Iddee.

Is there something I should be keeping an eye on with the quality of the "maybe' new queen? What will tell me if they're going to get though this drawback?
Thanks again.
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