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My mason bees, 2013

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Interesting experiment...looking forward to the results...

I have a mason bee post in my field where I drilled several holes in the side of 4 portions of 2x4's. It took a season but then I started to see the holes being filled. I just let them go at it naturally.
thanks omie for this thread and post. i appreciate it....:grin:
great video omie!
what are the paper sacks you have hanging next to the nesting boxes?
thank you omie for the update and video, incredible!
Very interesting. Where do you get your paper tubes? I have been seeing a few of them here on our property. Tom
Hi, I get my nesting tube supplies from Dave there has some great instructional info for beginners on raising mason and solitary bees, too.
Thank you Omie, Very interesting site. I have book marked it for further research. Tom
Two questions from an unindoctrinated----Do the females lay in the same tube till it's filled (as opposed to laying randomly in any tube that has space) and where do the males hang out?
Thanks for the interesting thread - I had no idea you could interact with or help wild bees! Learned a new topic today, thanks!
1 - 10 of 10 Posts
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