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i tried a recipe that i never expected to work but it came out much better than i ever expected.

Recipe: 6 lbs honey 1gal distilled water or spring water and 3 large handfulls of whole espresso coffee beens

bring water to a low boil add honey and whole coffee beans turn heat down to a low simmer. let cook for abt an hour (note: a white film will begin to form on the suface of the honey water be sure to skim this off as it may affect taste) after liquid has cooled to between 75 and 85 degrees pour contents into carboy and add yeast. let stand for aroud a month and filter out solids. rack as many times as needed to get desiered clarity

ive made this recipe a couple times and ive recieved alot of compliments. if anyone else tries it please let me know how it came out for u.
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