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My son's place

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You should have seen the deer tracks on the pond dam yesterday. It looked like a cattle feed lot.
A pair of Canadians showed up on the pond yesterday and were still there today. We put out some corn for them. May have goslings in a month or so.
I would of thought that picture would of shown a beeyard with at least 100 hives... ;) All that land and not one hive in the picture. :)
Nope... One sting, and if he can't get to his epi-pen, dead son. No bees there.
I must say you did a fine job of hiding your deer blind near the pond I cant even find it in the pic. :D
Look in the upper left corner. The red barn has 4 in. Openings down both sides just under the tin roof. Why sit in a cold blind when you have a loft full of nice warm hay and can move around all you want.
Idee, I figured the blind was the trailer near the lake. Why sit in a barn when you could be having coffee and breakfast in your underwear in the warm kitchen? Besides it looks like it could double as a honey house I saw in Randle, NC once ;) .
The trailer near the lake is for storing junk. The living trailer is behind the camera.

Why did you run the man off ?????????? He had lived in Randleman for so many years. :roll: :lol: :lol:
After hearing what you use for a deer rifle that be a good shot from the hole in the barn to the pond. But I guess if your hunting deer the size of chiwawas I guess it will work. However here in Kansas all that would do at that distance is bounce of the deer and make him charge after you while you are trying to reload on the run :lol:
With bow season in, we have the feed out and the game camera mounted. Getting a few does and young bucks coming in every night. No large bucks yet, but they don't make the best steaks anyway. :thumbsup:
I do not hunt, but I surely do appreciate the beauty of the place....Oh, I found big tracks out in the gopher hills in my berry patch Saturday....That is certainly a lovely setting, no matter how you view it. :yahoo:
1 - 15 of 15 Posts
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