My Take on the Bee Vac

Discussion in 'General Beekeeping' started by afterburn001, May 25, 2014.

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    After missing a swarm that was too high for a ladder, I decided to make myself a bee vac. I wanted something that I did not need electricity or extension cords so I picked up a Dewalt cordless shop vac. I have all the Dewalt cordless tools so I have all the batteries I need. I made and extra wide five frame nuc and put a divider in it with a screened hole. Now I have a chamber that the bees can't get into. Then I hooked up the business end of the vac to the chamber. On the other side (the bee chamber) I installed an 1-1/4" conduit that I can slip on a six or eight foot hose to. On the other side of the hose (not Shown) is a 1-1/4 Coupling. This is just in case I need to get high up. I can couple six foot sections of pipe together unti I have the height I need.

    Bee Vac.jpg Bee Vac Chamber.jpg Bee Vac Hose.jpg Bee Vac Top View.jpg