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The rabbit is, Pete. We rescued him, too. We were looking for a male to breed my NewZealand whites with and found him. He was in a pen at the farm store with some other rabbits. Since he was a boy and a different breed the other bunnies were fighting with him and he wasn't getting enough to eat. So daddy bought him for me. Since we no longer have girl bunnies, at least not until I buy more, then Pete is occasionally treated to a day inside with lots of carrots. :D

Buddy won't harm him because buddy knows that the rabbit is mine. He's a good dog.

Perry Bee, you are definitely right about the bees! They don't appreciate help when they need it the most! I must say that they do reward you for it, though. Honey, pollen, and propolis are very nice rewards!
21 - 22 of 22 Posts
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