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I am curious about this as a hobbiest who does not care about a honey yield (ok, maybe a taste). Does anyone know of someone who has a nano setup where they are just housing bees to enjoy them? How small could I go? Can I buy a small package or does the nature of the species require a certain population?

I breifly tried searching the web for this niche part of the hobby and could not find anything. I could see this as a lot of fun. I was also wondering about building the hive out of acrylic so I could see though it and see what was going on. Do they need darkness? Can anyone point me to what they think I might be looking for in regards to this?

(this is a shotgun question, I know nothing yet and would not get into the hobby and kill a package, but I am wondering if this hobby will suite my needs in that I don't want to produce honey for human consumption, only for the bees)

oh... and I am in southern wisconsin. brrrrr

Please, everyone answer back. I know everyone has different ideas on these matters.

oh... this is never going to end. would it be possible to keep them in an acrylic case, in my home with an outlet pipe going out of the house? It would be very cool to watch them, and they would also keep warm in the winter time.

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Hi ckoral,

Welcome to the board! I'm not familiar with a nano setup but maybe one of the other guy's will come along with some info for you. As far as an acrylic hive goes I think you may be interested in what's called an observation hive. Do a search for it here on the board as there have been a few posts on it with some good links to pictures and plans.

There are a number of different hive styles that would work well for what your doing such as a Top Bar or Warre hive. These put the bees in a more natural environment and I've seen some with acrylic windows in the sides for observation.

Something worth noting is we're past the point of trying anything this year, spend your winter planning and researching and you'll be ready to go when Spring comes around...
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