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neat happening with a bee

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I had just got done doing a cutout and had the scent of honey on my shirt(yes Iddee sometimes people will wear a shirt doing cutouts) :eek: That evening I went up to a gathering in town at the local cafe that was outdoors with free food. I was setting in the shade when a bee landed on my shirt. I let her crawl onto my hand where she sat and groomed herself for about 15 minutes from head to toe. Afterwich she crawled around on my hand content as can bee for an hour or so while I studied her. her wings were tattered and one anteana partially gone an old worn out bee for sure. I imagine it was a bee that was left from the cutout that was still in the truck. I got a chance to educate a lot of young kids at the function on bees and how they are not out to sting if they are not bothered. any how it was a fun and exciting experience educating kids and getting to watch a be groom itself. I got more out that than I did the function itself. :D
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Had a bald faced hornet walking around on my lips, getting peach juice, all she wanted was sweet peach, was sorta disconcerting, when one considers what could have happened, but was enitrely non hostile, just wanted a snack. Would be tough to convince others that a warrior like hornets or yellow jackets can be almost warm and fuzzy, --well not fuzzy.
Under normal circ umstances would have been my first choice ( the Honeybees), but ms Hornet didn't ask, sorta invited herself if you know what I mean. I know that fastest way to get in trouble with these guys is to swat at them best to live and let live in this circumstance
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