Need a relaxing hobby - not beekeeping.

Discussion in 'General Beekeeping' started by Gypsi, Nov 15, 2016.

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    It hasn't been a good year. I was on the road til the end of June by which time 2 nice sized hives had swarmed, and when I downsized and ordered queens for the left over bees they got robbed out. Ordered more queens, sold one, tried to do a split with the other. To be honest I think my 3 box 10 frame is responsible for most of the robberies around here, but I robbed her of so much brood trying to save the others I finally just had to leave them alone and let them recover

    Going to check them tomorrow

    So cutouts provided more bees brood and queens but robbery has continued to be a problem. That's an awful big hive at the end of the stand. Lost one of the nucs queen, pretty sure, but not entirely sure if I lost the queen, had a newly mated queen, or a laying worker. Started putting them on top of the strong nuc that I had just moved into a 10 frame because 5 nuc boxes are vulnerable to wind, and found a frame with a few uncapped larva and a few eggs. Could be laying worker, could be queen, put them back in their boxes, then I see this queen sitting on top of an inner cover with some entourage. I just had the nuc opened, ok, ooops, put her in and fighting ensues, had to get her back out, knocked the nuc over, caught her being balled on the inner cover, carefully put her between my gloved hands, she slipped out a crack between finger and thumb as I was opening her hive. I don't know if she got in. I hope so. I couldn't find her or a circle of bees surrounding her on any services. Closing the front door down some tonight to help prevent robbing . They really did need the 10 frame, but it will break my heart if I've lost that queen

    This is not relaxing. Beekeeping requires time, and I had work to do tomorrow and I am coming home and checking the big hive instead. and checking these 2. Both have eggs, if I see queen cells I will have an answer.
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    Yea, it can be a bit stressful at times, isn't it?