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need assist from the chemist/scientists...

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I need some info on making some 2.5% hydronium solution(HO). its used on dogs for various skin conditions, a name brand that sells this is Banixx pet care, but a small bottle is $$$$$, so im wondering how hard it would be to make this stuff, its over the counter so no dangerous chemicals or controlled substances..thank you for any help on this..
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ok, I have plastic jars or was going to vacuum pack it..
that will work
well I made some turmeric paste , I added in some ginger and cinnamon along with some honey after the heating process..and yuck is the I looked up golden milk made with turmeric paste..and that made a worlds difference with taste....basically you heat about half a cup of milk warm, I added in some more cinnamon while heating it and then stirred in about half a teaspoon of paste and about a teaspoon of real Amish made maple syrup and it tasted dam good, so this is how I will take the paste for now on..
also if yu have golden milk at night, it helps you get to sleep and sleep better...
I have to research some more and see if i can heat up( warm not hot) kefir without destroying all the probotics in it to make the golden milk from that..if I can then I may go back and forth between that and milk..
I made a decent amount and put it in small tupperware containers and froze all the ones that I dont need for now and kept just 1 in the fridge to use..
Golden milk is delicious, I forgot about that.
I was surprised how good it tasted compared to just the paste....I tried to put the paste on different food to help the taste and it didnt help..must be something in the milk that counters the taste, but thats how im going to take the paste from now on...
Sounds good. I rarely keep milk in the house, spoils too fast, I have a quart of goat's milk in the freezer for emergencies, but I just learned to tolerate the taste. If it tasted better in tea, that's how I'd take it
I buy a gallon of milk and pour into quart containers and freeze all but the one im using..milk freezes just fine, and if in the freezer too long( like over a few months) it just separates, so I put in a blender for a minute on high and it whips it back together and is not grainy anymore...
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I am somewhat allergic to cow's milk, and quit drinking it 30 years ago, so what it does in my fridge is spoil. I do keep goat's milk around but I forget to drink it, so I have a quart in the freezer for emergencies, and sometimes I buy almond milk, but it spoils if I forget to drink it. I am on the road 6 or 7 days a week, I run on tea, eggs, and whatever is handy for dinner. Chinese restaurant takeout during pond season
I think any of those milks are freezable, just put in small containers and defrost as needed so it doesnt goto waste...are you lactose intolerant or allergic to the milk..they have lactose free cow milk..
Lactose intolerant and I get too much milk protein, even in cheese, I get migraines. I have a friend with goats so I can get.good goats milk but time off to drink it is hard to find
sometimes we need 40 hour days and 10 day weeks to get everything done...
During spring, definitely
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