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Need to know what to do w/ foundation ...any good?

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Last week I had a few hundred bees remaining, after Sun set today I took these, a couple of bees around :(

I am not too sure if I can use the foundation or frames for that matter... can I just scrape it down or do I need to trash it?

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If you are going to trash it, send it to me. Putting a package on those frames would be like buying a nuc. They are full of honey and pollen, putting your bees 3 weeks ahead of the game. All I see is a possible case of chill brood, or chalk brood, which the new bees will clean up quickly and go on with their life. It could also be pollen that has been frozen and there is nothing wrong at all. Either way, I would just install the new bees right in the hive.
okay... do I need to freeze this or leave out until new packages arrive on 4/18?

btw roaches will be staying there, they often hide between inner cover and top cover
I would freeze, in order to stop the wax moths and other pests. Allow to thaw for a minimum 3 days before putting bees on them.
will do... thank you for your help! :mrgreen:
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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