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Dear beekeepers
A remarkable book by Dutch Toxicologist Dr. Henk Tennekes has just been made available online at LULU.COM. It is called 'The Systemic Pesticides - A Disaster in the Making'.

He may have produced the most convincing evidence to date, that the global death of bee colonies - Colony Collapse Disorder - IS in fact due to the global use of a family of revolutionary neuro-toxic pesticides, which are INSIDE every crop we plant and INSIDE every bite of food we eat. They kill the bees outright by destroying their nervous sytem. What they do to us is as yet unresearched.

His report describes the catastrophic collapse of the entire farmland ecosystem in parts of Holland due to the massive use of Neonicotinoid pesticides. Hennekes describes how blanket use of Nicotinoids in Holland has led to population crashes - or virtual extinction of many species of: insects, arthropods, bees, butterflies, beetles - on croplands, in the soil and in the streams, ditches and ponds near those farms. Tennekes records how the extermination of almost all insect-food from the countryside has cut away the base of the Food Pyramid, leading to catastrophic declines in the populations of insect-eating birds like: Skylarks, Warblers, Tree Sparrows, House Sparrows and Partridges. The Corn Bunting - a bird that has lived here since the last Ice Age - became extinct in Holland in 2005 - because its insect-food has virtually disappeared.

Tennekes report confirms what many beekeepers have suspected all along - namely that Systemic Nicotinoid insecticides have killed, and are continuing to kill: bees by the billion, and colonies by the millions.

The report is now available online for just £8 (10 Euros or $10) from the website Please go to the website and buy a copy, post a review there (you have to register to submit a review) and tell all your beekeeping, butterfly and bird-conservation friends about it and encourage your beekeeping associations to buy it and promote it.

This is a serious research report - rather than a 'reading book' - but it is beautifully written and is very concise and clear. It will appeal to anyone with an interest in bees, science, ecology, countryside management, farming policy, bird-conservation etc.

Go to:


Birds, bees and insect populations are declining rapidly across Europe, seemingly without reason. Could a new class of insecticides – the so-called neonicotinoids – be to blame? Since their introduction in the 1990s, neonicotinoids have become the most widely used insecticides worldwide. They are revolutionary because they are put inside crop-seeds, and permeate the whole plant, which is why they are called systemic insecticides. Any insect that feeds on the crop dies. Neonicotinoids are the most effective insecticides ever because they are neuro-toxins: nerve poisons which attack the brain and nervous system of any creature that consumes a molecular amount: insects, arthropods, birds and mammals

The downside is that any bee or butterfly that collects pollen or nectar from the crop is poisoned. Neonicotinoids also seep out of storage or are washed out of the soil into waterways and groundwater. The book describes how the use of neonicotinoids leads to a population crash of insects and common birds on European farmland.
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