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Never too early for winter prep

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Yeah, I know.....It's still June. But here on the east coast, or at least in my backyard, rain, rain, and more rain. I woke this morning to thunderstorms and got completely drenched twice this afternoon by gully washers.

I now have noticed a huge decline in stored honey, some nucs are being fed, and if this weather keeps up, they will be starving badly by the end of July when the normal dry period starts.

This is not going to be a typical year. And although it seems the bees stored much nectar early, especially black locust, the bees are having way too many days that they can not get out. And they should be storing much more than what they are.

So if you have new colonies, colonies on foundation, or light hives......keep a watchful eye and I would not wait too long this year thinking the fall flow will make thing correct. You may need to feed more than normal.

Lets hope for some warm weather and days the bees can actually work. :)
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