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New Bee Keeping Question

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I am a new beginner bee keeper. I just bought a hive kit, and left it sitting outside by my back door for past several days. Over the weekend I noticed some bees found it, and were checking it out. I have not arranged to get bees for my new hive yet, so it is vacant. I thought what the heck, why not feed them see what happens. So i put the hive together as though it would house some bees. I put the large brood on bottom with frames, a super with 1/2 frames pulled out to leave room for feeding. I put a bag of 2 to 1 sugar water in it in a quart zip lock bag in the super. I closed lid and just sort of watched over weekend. The stray bees consumed whole bag in 2 days. AMAZING TO WATCH THEM EAT!

I realize they are just robbing what is available. But it brought up some questions. 1) Is this a mistake in as much that when i Do get bees, they will rob my new young hive? I plan to move this hive at least 100-200 feet away from my house where it sits now. 2) IF i continue feeding these bees, is there a chance that they will remember the location and any swarms from their hive, would show up at this empty hive? 3) Assuming 2 is no, could i buy just a queen and put her in the hive in a cage, while the robbers are coming, and they stay and form a hive?

Curious questions.

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Welcome to the forum, and to beekeeping.

# 1...Robbing is a possibility, but not as likely in the spring as in the late summer and fall. Keep the entrance reducer in place, using the smallest hole, until your bees are established and there shouldn't be a problem.

#2...Yes, but they will begin hanging comb in the area where you removed the frames, creating a mess. They will not use the frames if they have other space available.

#3...NO, if a mother moves into a house alone, all the neighborhood children will not come flocking over to live with her. :)

All the bees in a hive are the children of the queen. She is their mother and they will not leave her.
Where in Texas are ya. Do you have your bees ordered? If not get them ordered. Beecatcher is correct on the above.

I feed a feral hive pretty much year round. Using a hummingbird feeder. I just like to go into the backyard and watch them feed.
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