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Last year (Summer 2011) I started 3 Colonies on a platform that was about 6 feet long. Most of the 2 outer colonies bees ended up in the middle colony. I nursed them along and by September the middle colony was booming (actually put on a honey super) and the 2 outer ones were doing OK (Second Hive body on). In Late October, one of the hives suddenly died. So I wintered the 2 remaining fine.

This summer I purchased a NUC and started the third colony again. The 2 that wintered were doing fine. So I waited ( and fed them with honey-b-healthy added to my mix ) until the 2 hive bodies were fairly full again and put on a honey super.

Today I went out to check (first time in 2 weeks due to bad weather and scheduling) and one of the 2 that I wintered seems to have vanished. A few hundred bees but no honey or brood. The second hive that I wintered seems to be getting weaker. Much of the second hive body is empty and the honey super hasn't been touched. There is lots of brood in the hive bodies so I know there is a queen. The new NUC is doing fine, added second hive body today.

What the heck is going on? I spoke with other keepers that have hives close together and they have no problems.

Any advice would be most appreciated.

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