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new member some bees have adopted me

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Hi - I'm from Cape Cod, Massachusetts. I'm a gardener who's always been interested in beekeeping but I've never done it. There are beekeepers around the area though I don't know them. This past summer I had a lot more flowers and veggies than usual growing- a lot of sunflowers. Honeybees from someone's hives were all over them, and I enjoyed watching them.

I just noticed today that some honeybees have set up a hive in a stack of upturned landscape barrels near my toolshed. They are definitely honeybees- the same kind that were around all summer. It's a warm Thanksgiving day today, and they're busy flying in and out of the drainage holes in the bottom of the barrels.

I want to make sure they'll be safe there over the winter. Is there anything I should do for them? I do not want to disturb them going into winter.

My idea is to help them get through the winter, and get to know some local beekeepers who can transfer them into a hive for me in the spring. I could maybe make a deal whereby the experienced beekeeper could tend my hive next year and teach me, in exchange for the honey.
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Cosmos is very easy to grow- toss the seeds around and they'll practically take care of themselves. They're very pretty- always a light and feathery appearance. Be warned though- some varieties get extremely tall - over six feet. Don't bother to stake them though- they'll wave and flop around in the wind but they take care of themselves well.
If you successfully negotiate with your chipmunks, do let me know your secret. Mine do not listen to me at all.
I don't know about the chipmunk factor, but I love growing them amongst my tomatoes. One year I put tomatoes, cosmos and nasturtium underneath and as the nasturtium went rampant I though you idiot, why did i do that? but tomatoes didn't seem to mind at all, and had a bumper crop. Everyone likes company ;)maybe the cosmos brought the bees in.
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