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Things are getting slow so I'm offering these at a lower cost. I'll let them go for 6.00 if you want more than 15.
6.50 for anything less.
They have been selling for 50¢ more.
I also have about 100 not assembled, I can let them go for 5.00 un-assembled.

I assemble them with 21, 1.5" 1/4 crown staples and about 20-40 staples are used to secure the screen. All joints are glued with weather proof glue.

They are for 10 frame Equipment and are 22" long X 16.24 wide. They are 2.25" high.

There's no need to ask If I have any left I can make 100 per day!!

I also have 50 8 Frame SBB as well, they are 22"L X 13.75"W X 2.25"H
They are the same prices as the 10F

I can deliver 100 miles one way FOR FREE if you want 100.
You can estimate shipping using the USPS website they weigh 3.8lbs ea. or 38-40lbs per box of ten units. I will provide exact shipping upon request, I do have to buy most boxes i use they cost me 2.50 ea.

Make me an offer if you don't like my prices, be serious and I'm not budging on anything less than 25

Josh Carmack
4769 Conner Whitefield Rd
Ripley, TN 38063
[email:fj1s9yon][email protected][/email:fj1s9yon]
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