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Discussion in 'Introductions' started by BeeHunter, May 19, 2009.

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    Recently, I heard of you from a member and wanted to see what the site was all about.
    I like what I see and also see alot of familiar names. ;)
    My name is Zane. I live in NW Missouri. I'm @ year 2 of keeping bee's.
    I started last year w/ 1 nuc, and ended it w/ 5 more swarms and 2 cutouts for a total of 8 colonies, most had over a deep of stores for the winter.
    This year I had 3 colonies survive. :( We had a goofy winter w/ lots of hot and cold temps and the girls died off w/ lots of stores in most hives.
    Right now I am @ 11 hives after a couple splits, 5 swarms and 1 cutout. I hope to get the girls building more comb than last year and hopefully I can them stored up better and maybee get some honey from them.
    As you read I collect swarms and am doing cutouts when I can. I enjoy keeping bee's for pollination of my small orchard and garden, plus just the fun I have working them. They are an interesting "hobb"
    Hopefully through you fellow beeks I can continue to learn and grow and keep on having fun w/ the bee's. :D
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    Welcome to the site beehunter.

    Yes, this past winter was hard on many. Seems that perhaps a poor fall flow equated into a poor fall brood production, coupled with a brutal cold winter, and many hives died. Just not enough young bees in the hives to carry the cluster through January and February, after the summer bees died off.

    Hope to see you post often. ;)