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Good day. I joined this morning. I am from the northeast New Brunswick canada. On June1st I received my first hive of Saskatraz. I am learning as I go. I research as much as I can and realized beekeepers tend to manage their hives their own ways.
I didn’t take honey my first year. Treated with formic pro sept 1st. Single treatment 10 days apart. Haven’t opened hive since so they can seal it well before fall. Going into winter I have 2 double supers with 10 frame each.
Having fun as I go.
On a warm day in December I saw my first cleansing flights. Pretty cool. Since I have only one hive I tend sit in a chair near the hive and watch. occasionally I get lucky when a bee lands on me as if to say hello
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a 2nd hive is always a good idea just in case you need to steal brood for the first one because a queen had an accident, etc. Maybe this spring you can split your hive and start a 2nd, then all you have to buy is more equpment and a queen
Welcome Steve,
When my wife and I got our first hive, we sat out by them every day and took in their behavior. We still do it from time to time but that one hive grew into 7 hives now from just catching swarms and being given a swarm and I also bought a NUC of Saskatraz bees which are doing very well. This is my second year so things are happening fast. I agree highly with Gypsi about having a couple hives. My goal is to have
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welcome aboard from new york..
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