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Newbie from Newstead, ny

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Hello everyone, I have been interested in beekeeping for a couple years now, I live in western, ny and started growing apple trees and have been making maple syrup for a few years now. My neighbor had been keeping bees for the past 3 years but had them die 2/3, so I did not think I could gamble a few hundred dollars to get started and have them all die.

So about a week ago I caught a swarm that tried moving into my house. After much work cutting into my wall, which i was already putting on siding, I was able to get a cluster the size of a mellon into a box. My neighbor lent me all his stuff since his hive died over winter. Not knowing anything i put the bees in a medium 10 frame box, (i had a deep but didnt think i should put them in there) I tried finding the queen but didnt know what to look for. Then I left them alone for about a week. Yesterday I tried to find the queen, and see if there were any eggs, i found neither because the 3 frames were covered in bees and i had a hard time seeing what I was looking for. Today I used a video camera and was able to see the queen but because of the way i held the camera i didnt get video. I am excited and look forward to beekeeping.
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How exciting, to find the queen the first time is always a big thrill. You said they are only covering 3 frames? You might want to purchase a nucleus hive to start them in this winter. I was chatting with roadkillbobb about that on another thread, we talked about insulation and stuff, you might want to take a look. And Welcome
Sounds like you are doing well Brian. It's all a long learning curve, and then the bees take a turn and surprise you.
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