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I have a limited number of Deep 5 frame Nucs for
pick up in Devils Lake or delivered along the I-94
corridor to Minneapolis.

They are 5 frame Nucs with 3 frames of brood,
1 frame of feed, and a frame to work. Brood is
from bees off the almonds. They are deeps.

Queens are from Velbert and are VSH x Russian
and marked. Queens are verified to be laying.

No frame exchange. Frames may be well used and
should be considered disposable.They come in a
Mann Lake waxed cardboard Nuc box.

I can deliver into Minnesota along the I-94 corridor
as far as Mpls. Will consider further on larger orders.

Only 30 are available.

$85.00 with a $30 deposit required.

PM me for further details.


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Nice cold nights of +15F. in NC are really enjoyable compared to =35F. in ND.

And there's only one letter difference in the states. :lol:
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